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Getting Them off the Street, One Cat at a Time

During the time we were looking for a home for Mamma, the conversation threads were an opportunity to get people thinking about adopting these lost or abandoned cats. They were asking themselves “Why not?” “ What am I afraid of, what am I waiting for? This would be an opportunity to make a difference.”

I received an e-mail from Robert who said he was ready to add another cat to his household.

Richard is a caregiver with two colonies. He knows every cat, as well as the cats that are new to the colony and need spay\neutering.

I asked him if there was a cat that would like a home and he knew right away.

Puffball met him everyday at feeding time. She craved his attention for the few minutes he was there. He would miss her , but he wanted her to have a home.

Richard delivered Puffball to Robert, waiting with open arms.

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