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Next Stop is 37th Street

Well, GCCCP doesn’t have doctors, a clinic or employees but we gather together what it takes to trap, neuter and return, and with collaboration from local rescue groups we gave the caregiver some peace of mind for now by trapping 7 cats.

One of the 37th Street cats was pregnant. She was the last to be caught and literally climbed the sides of her kennel, once I got her in. I checked all the doors before turning in for the evening. I was happy she would have a safe place to have her kittens.

Next morning, I checked the kennel to find there was a door within a door I missed. Mom found it and it was wide open. Instead of having her babies in a safe kennel, she had them all over the garage! GCCCP does TNR and kittens, but bottle babies scare us 😊 I am always amazed how immediate and efficient Happy Jack Cats has been. They have bottle baby fosters on the ready to come and collect these precious, intimidating creatures. HJC fosters have signed up to take on this scary responsibility that includes knowledge and feedings every 2 hours.. GCCCP would take them back to foster and adopt but they don’t ask us to. Once the newborns are surrendered Happy Jack Cats does it all.

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