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Donate Food

Drop-off location 

ROOTS, 3308 W Chinden Blvd.

FOOD PICKUP - 208-562-9578

  • Any dried cat food around $1 a pound would be appreciated. large bags are helpful

    • Costco 

    • Friskies brands

    • Meow Mix

    • similar cat food

  • Any cat food your spoiled cat doesn't want ;)

  • Purina Kitten Chow kibble, and  Fancy Feast Kitten Canned.

Adopt cats and kittens

 All spay and neutered.

These cats and kittens might have been lost or left, and now found with a feral colony, wanting nothing more than to be part of a human family again.

You will find kittens born to a feral mamma but they were socialized before they were old enough to be afraid of humans. Usually mamma will be spay and returned to her colony and the kitten will find a home.

There are always kittens found on their own that needed to be fostered. By the time you see them they will be at least 2 lbs and weaned. A lot of love has gone into each one. 

Foster cats and kittens

Committing to the welfare of the feral community can be consuming. The main reason caregivers make themselves available for caring for colonies and capturing loose or lost cats is to make sure they are spayed and neutered. While they are doing that, it is impossible not to get emotionally involved. That's why they take in and care for innumerable cats and kittens. It's too much for them to do along. So let's all help.

Help with a PROJECT

The caregivers and trappers have projects going on constantly. They might be trapping tonight and need towels for the traps. Or they will need someone to drive and drop off the cat(s) they trap to SNIP or IHS for their spay\neuter appointment.

Maybe they will ask for someone who could help trap, and would like to learn. Everyone can do something. We are hoping you will DO SOMETHING.

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