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And then there were 12!

Three months ago we were missing a female that we suspected was pregnant. Now we have three feral moms and three litters! Two of the litters are under the trailer, 1 inside. 1 m

om lives outside only, 2 go in and out but won’t be touched. We have 2 appointments for Nov 7. The owner has a trap. I will bring another. She says she can trap the two moms that come inside. The kittens aren’t old enough to TNR. They need another month. Then we can think about the tame ones inside and trapping the two litters and mom outside. CRAZY! Maybe we can get the three kittens inside into Simply Cats and pay the intake fee or adopt them out after TNR). So we have 11 cats. To spay and neuter them will be $35 each if all goes well = $385. Plus intake fees if we take the 3 kittens to Simply Cats.

update: All kitties spay\neutered. 3 adults were returned under the watchful eye of the caregiver. All kittens adopted!

If you would like to help please donate and become part of the army saving our cats. Thanks! Sincerely Donna Brown

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