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I have talked about Richard on 45th before. He feeds 2 colonies and has saved so many cats. One was Prince, alias Bluey. When Richard first saw bluey he had skin and hair hanging off of him as big as squirrels. There was naked skin where these mats had torn away from Bluey’s body. This was happening along with horrible respiratory problems. He was such a mess. Then as we were trapping him his eye was hooked by one of the bungee cord fasteners! At that point Richard stuck his hand in the trap, grabbed Blues head and unhooked the eye from the sharp fastener! Wow!

GCCCP got him to the vet just so he could survive. There he was neutered, vaccinated, tested for Leukemia and FIV, “debugged” and given antibiotics. Then Richard took him home to Susie, his sweet wife, and she started cutting the mats out. It took a long time and a lot of patience. Considering we didn’t know anything about Bluey, very dangerous.

Bluey was free to wander the house but never wanted to leave the top shelf in the bathroom for over a month.

Fast-forward, Bluey is now happy, healthy and loves watching tv with Richard and Suzie, between them, from the back of the couch!

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