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Before and After

CC when she was first caught.

Our kittens are fostered until they are old enough to spay or neuter. While they are fostered, they are treated for common disorders and socialized. When they weigh enough, we spay or neuter, vaccinate and treat them for fleas, ear mites, ticks, and different worms. We want our kittens to have a good start.

CC after a nice bath.

She never looked back😉

A feral life is a hard way to live. I have heard that a third of kittens born feral, die. But many of the is

sues that kill kittens are easy to treat. Often kittens have upper respiratory problems that come with an eye discharge that can cause kittens to go blind if it isn’t simply washed away. I assume any feral kitten has fleas and some kind of worm, and these are treatable. I keep feral kittens away from my own animals for at least two weeks. But GCCCP is not a specialist in kittens. We just try to give weened kittens a chance to leave the feral life if we can.

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