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Gemma, Jasmine and Georgie (Claire)

While Claire was so busy organizing, feeding and caring for the free-roaming cats in the Shenandoah Mobile Park she has a good sense about which of the cats would have a chance in a home.

Then she sets out to do the impossible. She finds homes for her chosen ferals.

Jasmine and Georgie have been wandering around the park for quite some time but slowly started to find Claire to be worth their time with all her treats and sweet talk. Next thing you know you could always find them on Claire and Dolly’s (Claire’s pug) patio wanting some of her attention.

Claire worked hard to find homes, until Simply Cats sympathized with the heartfelt stories Claire could provide.

Gemma had swollen mammary glands, so we thought she was pregnant, but she needed medical care. We never figured out if the swelling had anything to do with a pregnancy, but Claire knew she was a sweetheart and should have a home. When I think about it there were about 8 people involved in getting this little girl her home. We all cared because Claire cared.

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