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Gentle Goodbyes

Another one of our Garden City caregivers came to that day they knew would have to happen. The day they had to leave town without the feral cats they had been caring for over many years. The caregivers were elderly. Their family wanted to move them out of state. They packed and left. As the car pulled out of the driveway, their cats were starting to come up on the porch for the meal that would be the last there.

Over the next few days these cats found their way down the street where other caregivers would take them in.

But there was one feral that kept coming, Baby, because she was deaf and sick. She would be fed here or not at all.

It was decided that she would not make it on her own.

Dr Laura Lefkowitz is the founder of Gentle Goodbyes, a home euthanasia service which allows owners, in the Boise area, to say goodbye to their pets in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. She offered to come and help us say goodbye to this unfortunate siamese.

That didn’t happen…

Dr Laura cared enough to REALLY look at our kitty. She asked if she could take her and see what she could do for her…

Does anyone wonder why I love this town?

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