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It can be a success and still be sad

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

UPDATE: Mom was adopted and trapped 2 kittens just as the backhoe drove into the trailer park to scrape it! We now need a foster and\or some someone to adopt Mom's adorable kittens!


I guess you would say this project was mostly successful.

We had 2 toms and a mama and 3 kittens to carry out. All were tame except the kittens. We found the three adults plus another adult, but never were able to find the kittens. The 3 toms plus unexpected adult adult were taken to the humane society and the mama is in foster, ready to be adopted on November 8. I sat in the car all day waiting to see kittens. Leaving the kittens w\0 mom is really hard but she is so special we didn't want to take the chance of losing her. The four toms were sweet too so taking them to IHS was sad.

I was the lucky one

Mom was adopted!

So we need someone to foster and\or adopt Mom's 2 lucky kittens. Our foster is giving them lots of love and teaching them that having people can be a good thing.

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