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Knocking on doors.

TOM of 44th ST

GCCCP has met so many amazing people by knocking on doors. I would say that is how we met almost all of our guardians. This time it was a large warehouse on 44th.  The warehouse sat on the front of a large lot. The lot was the path between 2 caregiver colonies who were both having trouble trapping, but had a number of cats ready to have their 1st heat.


We pulled up and knocked on a door to the large warehouse in hopes of finding out more about the cats travelling across the property.


This led to another special meeting and relationship. Tom was sitting in his office about to bite into his sandwich. I introduced myself and he was so cordial. It turns out he and his wife spayed and neutered many cats up to about six months ago stopping the birth of kittens they had been finding on their lot. They had shelters and had been feeding. They even had a very large container brought in to keep the free roaming cats out of the weather. One cat stuck around but the other ones started to just travel back and forth across his big lot. He was very happy to have us trap but didn't think there were many cats to be trapped.

We thanked him and set up three traps at the far southeast corner where we saw cats sitting in the sun.

That day we trapped 6 cats! The next day we trapped two more. There were 6 Siamese cats among the 8 cats trapped. After that we caught three more but they were all ear tipped. We thought it was time to move to the next job. It was fun to see Toms expression when we got so many, right under his nose.

Four females and four males.

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