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Scotch and Josie

Josie (tabby) and Scotch (black\white) were found on the side of the road still needing to be weaned from a mamma that didn’t show up for too long. Our caregiver, Natascha, bottle-fed them. Natasha works with us and knew to call us. Early on, GCCCP made appointments for these two so they could be spayed and neutered when they were old enough. That time came and these two were fixed and vaccinated.

Scotch found a home with a young girl who has gone through a lot, and what she wanted more than anything was a kitten. Scotch is so much fun! He is curious and full of life. I’m sure he will be a healing influence in her life.

Josie found a wonderful home with Nicoli, who lost her husband 3 months ago. Their Siamese cat missed him so badly she was needing all of Nicoli’s attention. She wanted to find a kitten that might be a replacement for her husband.

Josie had the perfect temperament. She is such a sweet kitten. It worked perfectly! The two kitties follow each other around, pick toys out of the toybox together and come to Nicoli for love.

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