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41st Street Neighbors

People ask me if things are slowing down now that we have handled around 700 cats in Garden City. I just laugh.

I hadn’t even gone down 41st Street before Holly called. The monstrous Boardwalk Residences building is being built at the end of this street so it’s no surprise people and animals are wondering where they will be living next.

During the heavy rain storms we were having, Holly heard kittens under the mobile home next to hers. She wasn’t able to trap mom and kittens together so it was stressful. But she stuck with it. GCCCP brought over some traps and promised spay and neutering for mom and kittens as needed.

Somewhere along the line. GCCCP found out that Holly’s neighbor, Sarah, saw different kittens on Sarah’s front porch during the rain.

Sarah and Holly have been working together ever since. Neighbors meeting and working together. This is what makes Garden City Community Cats Project so successful, our community!

Holly found homes for 2 kittens and Sarah and Holly arranged for Simply Cats to accept 4 kittens. GCCCP was glad to pay for the intake fee. We are still working on more cats in the area. Holly's Kittens

Sarah's Kittens

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