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43rd Street

Happy Jack Cats has been a lifesaver for GCCCP a number of times, so when they called us to look into a situation in Garden City we were glad to help.

John called HJC about a kitten he and the craftsman around his 43rd Street workshop had just extracted from a truck engine. John then had to find the tiny kitten after he escaped his grasp and was hiding among crowded piles of wood and sawdust. When I arrived, the kitten was cornered with a cardboard box. John showed me signs that the kitten was injured. There was a trail where she had been dragging a leg through the sawdust… John and I worked together to transfer Catalina into a carrier. That very day All Pet Complex let us come in for X-rays. Nothing broken 😊.She weighed 1.5 lbs. Then off to a foster.

Now she is over 2 lbs and will be spayed soon. Catalina is a lucky kitten!

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