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44th Street Caregivers

Just one trip around the park was all I needed to know!

This was around New Years, so the temperature was down to 15°. I didn’t have to go far. The trailer had a large colony cuddled on the porch. Obviously, someone was trying hard to care for these cats. There were blankets and old cloths piled in the corner to offer some warm bedding. I saw empty bowls and pieces of bread for the cats to try.

I knocked on the door and met Humberto. It must be strange having someone come to your door asking to fix your ferals…

I explained how we would set up feeder cages until we had an appointment. He would only feed inside the cage so the cats would be used to cages.

Since no one else was in

sane enough to be trapping in this weather, we were able to acquire 7 appointments right away.

The best part of working with caregivers is the cats have a routine and you can work with the caregiver to make that work for you in trapping them.

Over a few days, we trapped our 7 cats -- 5 adults and 2 kittens. It was cold and there was one kitten left. This is always a stressful situation. We couldn’t get another appointment for 3 weeks, so we returned the others as fast as we could--4 females, 3 males. 5 adults, 2 kittens


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