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A lot of lots

We have been working with Trisha and Jill for years. They have numerous cats inside and many more outside, that they care for. We have been spay\neutering and adopting as many cats and kittens as we could get our hands on over the years. There are certainly less kittens, but the visits from roaming cats coming in, need to be trapped and fixed.

The cats love to go under the fence into a large lot on the other side. The lot belonged to the house on the next street over so access to it was cut off. As spring approaches, we go cruising areas we want to work and lo and behold the house on this lot had been demolished! This gave us free reign to trap in a favorite hunting ground of free-roaming cats! It's funny the places we consider glorious, like this muddy, overgrown lot with old tires and wire spools sideless sheds.

We caught 2 unaltered cats we knew about, and 3 altered cats. over 2 days.

But after all, we are in an area we have been altering cats for years.

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