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Barb is a caregiver who has a long history of saving and feeding her large colony. She transferred most of them to a safe location away from the destruction in Garden City. But there were a few cats left where she has been feeding. There was one that would always come out from an old garage when it was feeding time. Barb decided it was time to trap this kitty and see if she was spayed or neutered. It turns out that Lily had been left or lost. When GCCCP had the opportunity to evaluate her, she was so kind and sweet. Yet she had been hiding in this dark garage for a months, afraid to come out, except when food was offered. It was heartbreaking to think of her away from everything because of her fear.

GCCCP realized we could rehome Lily so we had her spayed and completely vetted in preparation for adoption. But like so many other times, Barb fell in love and took Lily in. Immediately Lily went from a free- roaming cat untouched and unloved, to a warm, loving companion who loved to sleep with Barb and stayed close to her side from the moment she was taken in. Unfortunately, within the month Lily suddenly had a seizure and died quickly. Barb was devastated.

It is a reminder that every cat you see roaming has the possible potential of being a loving caring pet and needs our compassion.

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