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A call from paradise

GCCCP is in the position of meeting people for the first time and both parties are thankful to the other, knowing the love in their hearts.

That’s what I knew about John and Debbie when they called about the momma and her three kittens in their barn.

It was a job that followed the pattern.

We put out a bank of four tied-open traps to feed in for a few days. Kittens were happy to use the traps for playing around and eating in.

Kittens were weened, so mom wasn’t attached or concerned nearly as much as just two weeks before.

When it was time to catch the cats the traps were untied and one cover was put over all the traps. To see into the traps, the kittens would have to go in.

John, Debbie and I had our morning coffee as we watched each kitten go into another trap, trying to see what happened to the kittens inside 😉

We watched mom circle and observe, but then she trotted off to watch from a distance.

After about an hour, we needed to get the trapped kittens out of the sun. We left one trap open w\o much hope. But soon after John went out to take the food out of the sun and mom was in the trap! Done.

John and Debbie were happy to have them all back to live on their beautiful property. Lucky kitties!

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