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A Good Neighbor

Here’s yet another scenario. Kathy didn’t complain about her neighbor’s ferals. She wanted to help and pay for the TNR. This might be a heartless job in many cities, but in Garden City it seems to be bringing people together. It’s ironic that only the City Council wants to ignore our cats.

Kathy introduced me to her neighbors. The colony was one family. One mamma and four kittens lived under the house. We set up feeding traps for about a week. Then we didn’t feed them for a day before we were planning to trap. We set all five traps on the front porch. A problem that was coming up frequently was kittens could go in a trap, stand on the trigger plate and not set it off ☹. I sat there and watched them eat and leave. My trapping teachers always said to set small rocks on the plate to add weight. I went around the yard and collected rocks. I had to add rocks twice to get these little guys.

The information the caregivers can give you about their cats is valuable. They said one kitten was always the last to feed and usually came out when all the other cats were done and it was dark. They were right. We caught mom and three kittens and took them away but left one trap set with plenty of rocks to weigh down the plate because this baby was so small. It got dark, no one was around and, sure enough, the little one ventured out, and in.

Mom was returned, one kitten went to a friend of Kathy’s and Kathy fostering the other three. Kathy paid all the vet bills to help them get through the colds that kitten get frequently. Great foster mom.

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