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A letter from Laura

“In the area I live there are hundreds of stray cats. Over the past couple years someone moved out and left their cats that have now repopulated over and over and has become a huge concern. Two sister cats both just had litters totaling 4 babies, and lo and behold the other just gave birth to 4 more. They are having litters with their siblings and their own sons. It’s become craziness trying to drive on the street to come home because the road is taken over by this amount of cats. I’m more less concerned about them all but especially the group of cats that stay between my house and the neighbor’s. I was told to reach out to your facility about a trap and release program? If I can get any information on what I can do or what can be done it would be so helpful and so much appreciated. Laura “

GCCCP took four older kittens for spay\neutering, two moms and nursing kittens up next, along with some neighborhood visits to help with the rest of the clowder.

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