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A Very Lucky Kitten

If you do not spay a female free-roaming cat you can expect kittens. That is all you know. What you don’t know is the health of those kittens.

I know several caregivers who would not abort the early pregnancy of their female feral cat and delt with the heartbreak of dying kittens and\or went into debt trying to save their lives.

Please let us help you before the inevitable kittens.


This little girl was abandoned in the middle of a driveway. He was so malnourished he couldn’t keep his head up. The caregiver close by scooped him up.

We called wonderful local fosters, Rachel and Heidi, who could bottle-feed. None of us thought this baby would make it. Things look a little better, but after a trip the vet, we now know he has ringworm :(.

Because he’s so little, Rachel will give him just a lime bath for now.

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