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Adoption Updates!

Olive (Diamond Girl) - Olive & Kiwi are best friends and this is how we sleep every night! She's adjusted well! ❤️

Thank you for saving her

Tina (Patsy) - Hello, we are really enjoying Patsy who my son renamed Tina. She is such a joy to have in our family!

Kimo (Jasper) - I just thought I’d give you an update on Jasper! We’ve named him Kimo and he’s doing great. There’s a friendship beginning with our other cat and they’ve been playing/chasing each other around the house. We are excited for their friendship!

Kimo gave nose kisses to our daughter right away and sleeps on her bed a lot. He just loves her and she gives him constant attention.

Kimo is a lap cat and so affectionate. He talks A LOT and it amuses us. He’s very happy in our home and we love him so much!!

Kat (Joy) - I just wanted you to know the cat is doing well. Although you called her Joy, I have named her Kat. She recognizes her new name but ignores what I ask her.

She is an indoor cat but she runs like she’s outdoors! Thanks for all your help!

Miss Maggie - Hi ! I wanted to give you an update on Miss Maggie! I go to a local apothecary and get her freshly picked catnip. Here are some pictures after I brought home a new batch today (the bag is empty but she loves playing with it, and I do not let her stick her whole face in the jar lol) she fits right in to our family. She is so fun, vivacious, and the sweetest thing! She is slowly still getting used to our old man dog, but has recently started approaching him! We have noticed she does bat at him but without claws so it seeks like she's trying to figure out how to play with him. She even mimics some of his playful behaviors to get his attention! Ruger still keeps his space and generally is the one to end playtime lol Miss Maggie loves her toys - her favorite thing EVER is her scratching board! She hangs out in moms room until nighttime when Ruger is sleeping in my room with me. We are looking into getting her a cat tree for the living room to encourage her to not be so isolated in mom's room!

We have loved every second getting to know Maggie and she has truly been a missing piece to our family. For us, we have to question - did we save her, or did she save us?

Hope all is well on your side of the river! Will send more photos and updates soon 💖

Max - We just wanted to let you know that Max is settling in well so far.

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