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Another 12

Writing this all down is making me realize how much we have done in one month! This last week was the busiest of all.

A caregiver, Karen, is living on a dead-end street, right next to an open irrigation pipe. Across the street is a disabled veteran, Ron, who has not had enough motivation to look for a way to stop the procreation of many large colonies. He loves cats and feeds them and fosters the babies.

Karen wanted something to be done and was motivated to stop this madness. She found out about GCCCP through another rescuer. From the moment we met it was a great team. We trapped 12 cats in a week. Two sets of 6.

Along with the 12 cats, there were momma and 3 kittens Ron was fostering. That is the 4th litter going to Simply Cats. They are being fostered by a great woman that helped us last year. God bless her. They should be ready for Simply Cats at the end of the month. Momma will make someone a wonder pet as well.

The funny part of this story is the caregivers were absolutely sure all of them needed to be neutered so when Idaho Humane Society said 4 were already fixed it was baffling. During the project we had discovered someone was feeding at the end of the road. I left GCCCP's number and asked them not to feed while we were trapping, and to contact us. Then Sherry, the feeder, calls. Another great resource. She feeds cats in troubled areas so that she can TNR, trap, neuter, and return. This is good but the difference between Sherry and GCCCP is we work with the caregivers so everyone is working together and knows what’s happening to the cats. It turns Sherry had fixed about 9 cats on this block :0. That sure explained a lot!

Well, we are partners now. I suggested Sherry contact Karen and they could work together. And I think they will be great friends.

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