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Arrow’s Toes

We have a polydactyl kitten, Arrow? Though having extra toes can be good for some things, there was one on the inside of each front paw, as well as the extra thumbs, that caused Arrow to stay back and just watch as the other kittens played.

GCCCP had those inside toes surgically removed in hopes of giving our kitten more quality of life. What a difference it has made!

At first, he didn’t realize he could move around without discomfort. It was fun to see him learn to play, step by jump by leap 😉

We held Sassy back from being adopted so he could keep Arrow company. It was good for both of them. Soon they will be looking for

a real home, where they can come watch TV with you or walk across your keyboard or find a perfect perch in the window to sleep in the morning sun.

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