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Baby it's cold outside

Kathy called us and asked if we could help her spay and neuter her feral cat colony. She had a colony of 10 cats she wanted to start preparing for a better future. They had been her responsibly for a long time. The process is becoming a model for success.

Assess the situation. Find and schedule surgeries.

Set up locked feeder traps as soon as possible. The caregiver feeds the cats only in these traps so the cats aren’t afraid to go into a traps.

Stop feeding 24 hours before trapping. When it’s time to trap unlock traps to work. Set up one trap per cat with yummy food. Stay out of sight but close enough to cover trap as soon as cat is trapped. This calms him down immediately. Take him inside. You can feed and water. Stop food and water 8 hours before surgery.

After surgery Kathy will keep the ferals in the traps for at least 48 hours (more in cold weather) feeding, watering and changing towels..

Kathy and Dyana spent 5 hours in the freezing, wet, snow and ice and trapped 5 cats. Beautiful work.

They will do it all again for their second set of appointments on January 21.

Please help these caring and responsible caregivers by dropping off cat food.

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