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Brewing up some TNR

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

What a success this was! We had a brewery with two sets of mamas and kittens. They thought the moms are from the last litter (maybe this year!) Our expert trapper, Carol and her husband built the ferals a beautiful feeding station in preparation for trapping. The brew master not only paid for the 8 cats spayed \ neutered and vaccinated, he and his wife fostered 5 kittens! One was fostered\adopted, and two adults were returned to their original location. It is all doable if we work together!

After 2 weeks with a foster things can change drastically

"This little feral cat was trapped at the Bella Brewing a couple of weeks ago. She was the easiest feral cat I ever got. In 5 days I let her go free in the house and my dachshund followed her all over for 4 hours. She let me pick her up in 6 days and wants to play with Calli Jo my dog. She is a funny little thing. Still gets scared by loud noises and quick motions. " Foster of the gray kitten

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