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Carol has finished her enclosure

Carol was so distraught. She has been caring for her feral colony for years in old buildings along the river and now the whole area and all the buildings are going to be bulldozed this fall. Front-end loaders, dump trucks and bulldozers will be leveling the place. She realized what she had to do. She had to build a place for the cats in her backyard until another location could be found. Then she was going to have to trap them all and move them to her shelter, all before crews start working on the property, scaring or harming the cats.

Through the support of people who understand this kind of devotion, Carol was able to finish her cat enclosure! It looks great!

Now, how about getting a bunch of feral cats from one location to their comfortable winter lodging?

Not so hard, it turns out, when you have cared for them every day for years.

It's working! Carol set out a carrier, not a trap, one morning and 2 of the ferals went right in to eat canned food. She was standing beside them and could have easily closed the door. So happy it's going to be easy to get the first ones! GrayBoy and RikiTiki Tabby!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you all!

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