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Claire is Working on Her Forth Rescue

Claire has been relentless in her efforts to save free-roaming cats for quite some time. She has been working with us to neuter cats for Shenandoah Park for years. But it always bothered her to put back the friendly ones. So this year she started working with the individual cats she thought might be able to find homes again.

You probably remember Gemma, then there was Georgie and Sage. Now Claire is working with Ginger.

We TNRd Ginger in June and Claire never stopped thinking about finding a home for her. Claire takes walks to the far side of the park where he hangs out. Ginger follows her home for breakfast. Now Ginger comes inside, they visit for awhile, and he travels back to the other side.

Hopefully GCCCP will help Claire and Simply Cats find a home for Ginger, just like Georgie and Sage!

The magic is working together.

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