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Conrad Strays

GCCCP is now working with Conrad Strays Rescue. While we were adopting cats out of PetSmart, I watched Dr. Fisher come in every day, caring for adult cats she took in to rehome. It didn’t matter how long it took, time was irrelevant. They were adopted. GCCCP is glad to help with spay\neuter costs and postings. We feel honored to be part of her work! for updated available kittens and cats.

Here is a special-needs kitty that needs a special person.


Are you needing a cat, or a cat that needs you? Sweet Senior, ten-year-old. Lynx point Siamese Mix. Handsome Gentle Giant. Very snuggly boy. Loves to sleep in your lap & catnap on the couch. Loves his head & ears rubbed. Likes to play with small Nerf footballs & stuffed toys. Sometimes jumps in the bathtub for a drink. Playful in the morning, sweet talker & quite entertaining! A family took him in, he tested Positive for Feline Immune Virus, not contagious to dogs or people. Shades is a healthy senior, neutered, recent dental cleaning & bloodwork, up to date on vaccines. Needs to stay indoors to protect his not purrfect immune system from colds & wounds. He doesn’t mind staying in at all. Might do better in a home without other pets as he enjoys being the center of attention! Let Shades take over your heart!

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