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Dave's 8

This was a perfect job. It started off with the caregiver (Dave) calling Idaho Humane Society about how he could trap his colony and get them fixed. Idaho Humane Society’s community cat program told Dave to call Garden City Community Cats Project. And with that call we were off and running. We received eight appointments from the SPOT program, then we went over to make sure Dave was feeding on a schedule.

Since the cats seemed to be comfortable eating together, we set up a drop trap and had the cats eating at the back of it until closer to their appointments.

Besides that, we set up a couple of regular traps and tied those open with food in them.

Dave fed under the drop trap and in the open traps. The cats found the traps perfect for napping in! Dave was a natural with cats.

We had eight appointments and caught eight cats. That was one more than Dave actually thought he had.

After evaluating the cats, we were comfortable releasing six of them back at Dave’s after their appointments.

GCCCP vetted two of the cats because there was a chance to rehome them. Dave said one kitty (Max) was “mean” and he had to feed him separately. But it turned out he was just scared of other cats and being outside. When Max was safe, he was loving and grateful to be cared for. After posting in the neighborhood to make sure there wasn't an owner, we found a perfect home for him.

The eighth cat was a beautiful Siamese. We were amazed she wasn’t previously spayed. Dave agreed to kennel her in his living room. But it was clear she preferred her freedom, so we let her join the six others outside.

Dave’s neighbors were wonderful! They were all excited about the project and one of the neighbors even brought over a case of wet food. Now the kids in the neighborhood make sure the cats are fed when Dave is out of town.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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