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Glen on 40th

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Fluffy started the whole thing.

It was another freezing night. I never feel sorry for the cats I catch in this weather. I always figure they get a few nights in a warm kennel with plenty of food and, though they are a bit concerned, they are safe.

This kitty (Fluffy, it turns out) was so sweet. I’m always tempted to find homes, but I have learned caregivers are probably close by. And these cat may have to live outside, but they have people who care.

So I decided to make a flier with Fluffy’s picture and handed it out to all the trailers in the area, asking for identification. That came in the form of an angry phone call about us steeling Glen’s cat.

I talked fast but conveyed my intension successfully enough to end the conversation with Glen asking if I could fix 5 more of his cats. YES!

One more thing. I always tell people about the magic around our work, little miracles. We were able to collect 5 of the 6 cats but the one we really wanted was the momma that had a few litters already. She didn’t show up for the whole week and she didn’t make her appointment. When I was collecting the traps and carriers from Glen, the momma walked right up to me. I picked her up and placed her in a trap.

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