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Euthanize or not...NOT!

In the whirlwind of trapping at Robert’s, we found one young cat whose tongue was hanging out and drooling profusely.

Garden City Community Cats Project decided to have a feral friendly vet, All Pets Complex, assess her condition to see if something could be done while she was anesthetized for her spay. She had extreme stomatitis, inflamed gums and oral mucosa that extends throughout the inner lining of the mouth and cheeks. With a full mouth extraction, she could live without pain, able to live a normal life.

And that is what is happening right now! She is the only one of the 20 + ferals that follows Robert into the house to watch him make the colony’s dinner, then trots out to enjoy it with the gang.

Because GCCCP works with colony caregivers we know she had someone to care for her.

You are never sorry you save their lives, only if you don’t.

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