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First Spay\Neuter MASH


Low-cost spay/neutering has almost disappeared from the valley. Rescuers depend on these past resources to trap neuter and return. Most of the rescuers are individuals who use their own money to cut down the kitten population.

At the beginning of the year, I knew I wanted to do more than my income would allow. That is why I ventured into nonprofit status. When our low-cost options were gone, we had little to work with. The contract with the Idaho Humane Society AND low-cost spay\neutering were no longer available. Because we were able to acquire a few grants and because we have wonderful people out there who answered our call for support, we were able to continue our work.

The way we looked at it, you can pay a higher price for one cat or pay for all the kittens that are a result of waiting. Kittens are a BIG expense for GCCCP because we cover all costs for fosters.

The decision was to go with more expensive surgeries (3 to 7 time more expensive) and get the job done.

In walks Belinda. She is moving into Garden City and wanted to volunteer locally. I am watching as she creates opportunities for us and brings her skills in public relations to our rescue.

Belinda found Mountain Mobile Vet for us. We set up a spay\neuter MASH for 12 cats in a garage! It went off without a hitch.

We are also buying vouchers and grabbed the few last appointments at SNIP.

HELP US FIND A HEATED LOCATION so we can continue through the winter.

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