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Garden City pets come from the streets.


Paula lives on 44th Street. Her area is heavily populated with free- roaming cats. She has rescued kittens on her doorstep. GCCCP understands living conditions can be crowded, considering a small trailer, a dog, children and three rescued kittens.

GCCCP is opening up to the concept of purchasing used catios for caregivers who have been sacrificing living space to bring their rescues inside. We purchased a 5x10-foot dog kennel

so Paula could keep her pets safe outside and she could stretch out for a time.



We started the story about Hannah in the previous newsletter. She called GCCCP and wondered if we could help her find the source of all the kittens that were showing up. Lol. I could have pointed in any direction. Hannah lives on 45th Street. 😉

The event that triggered this call was a 12-year-old boy who kept coming up to her with arms full of kittens. She has 2 cats from other deliveries but this time she wanted it to stop.

We discovered there were 2 litters from one street over, 44th. The people were very kind and glad we found them, so we could get their kittens fixed when they were old enough, along with a number of adult cats.

Unfortunately, the boy stole one of the litters before they were weened, and we never saw the kittens again. ☹

Meanwhile, there was an eviction going on in a house across the street. The people said they owned Jingles, but when she cried to come in to have her kittens inside, they refused to let her in. Their landlord, Richard, happens to be one of GCCCP’s caregivers and supports two big cat colonies. When he saw this he carried her over to Hannah’s trailer, where Jingles had her kittens. Hannah has cared for them, and now are ready to be spayed\neutered and find homes!

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