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GCCCP has been blessed with some amazing volunteers

I want to tell you all about one volunteer who has been with me from the beginning.

Debbie Jo Pelton is a director on our board, full-time real estate agent and a commissioner for the Garden City Planning & Zoning. She puts as much dedication and enthusiasm in to being our super-trapper as she does all her roles. She studies the colonies and the cats that frequent them. She looks down streets, between houses and trailers, for signs of caregivers and colonies we might be able to help. She engages with Garden City residents. A lot of this is done between setting traps and retrieving cats, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Debbie Jo is at the very heart of what we do and takes responsibility for every cat and kitten she feels she can help. It is very emotional sometimes…most of the time. The times I will treasure are when she comes over with traps full for spay\neuter appointments, and we sit in the garage among all these cats and toast the animals we are saving.

GCCCP Volunteers

Other volunteers who help GCCCP accomplish so much

Belinda Isley –Public relations and project manager

Janet Hasson - Grant writer

Marilyn Howard – Spay\neuter MASH post-op care

Sara Cray - foster

Olga Quintero – foster

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