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Give Me a Neighbor with a Heart, Everytime!

It turns out Mark, Kenna and Joe, live right next to Roy. We have been working with Roy, the Kitty Man, for three years. They all live in a trailer park with about 10 trailers. One day I followed one of the stray cats to another trailer to see if they wanted it fixed. Joe answered the door and said I came just in time. The female kitten he rescued had gone into heat and wouldn’t stop yowling. These serendipitous situations happen to me all the time.

Mark and Kenna had a cat shelter set up on their porch and were happy to introduce Patches, one of the many free-roaming cats in the area. Patches loved humans. Mark and Kenna welcomed him into their home. The problem was Patches couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted in or out…Yes, that can be a problem… Patches now enjoys both worlds.

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