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Gladys begged for help

GCCCP is always glad when people find us.  Gladys was feeding one cat on her deck for a while, but when three kittens appeared one day, it became a worry and a responsibility she couldn’t handle. Gladys is 95 years old, and has trouble walking, seeing and hearing. Her husband is in a memory care facility, in and out of hospice. Gladys is the one who is called for anything he needs.

She called “everywhere” for help to trap the mom and kittens but most people never even answered.

The day we heard about Gladys, GCCCP went to her house, set a bank of traps up on the deck, and Gladys and I had a nice chat as we watched momma and each of the kittens walk into the traps! Done!

Because of the new contract, I was able to load them into the car and take them to the Dorman facility immediately. The kittens went to foster care and momma went to be spayed and, eventually, found a home.

A hurdle was that the kittens had panleukopenia, a disease that usually kills kittens. But not this time. IHS cured them and then found homes for them!

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