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Guardians of the colonies


This is what it is all about. One of our Guardians lives next to a trailer park that has been abandoned in preparation for demolition. As I drive through, I see the cats that were left. It is a sad scenario, but in Garden City we have a network of Guardians who watch out and care for these cats. These Guardians are no longer alone. They are part of a whole Garden City Community Cats Project. We work together!

I asked Keslee about the cats I saw. She knew every one of them. She feeds them and

offers shelter.

When the trailer park is demolished, the cats will be familiar enough with her location to find her.

I was concerned that an old Siamese had lost most of his sight. Keslee told me there is another cat she thinks cares for him and leads him where he needs to go.


A big part of the partnership we have with the Guardians is to control the cat population.

Laura, KC and Angelica, Kat, Carol, Doug, Jill and Trisha, Brady and Cindy were the Guardians who helped spay and neuter the 29 cats GCCCP and IHS did since November 1.

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