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Halloween – We’ve got the cats for it!

Vincent and siblings

These three beautiful kittens came from Richard’s colony. We spayed and neutered 25 cats and kittens from his two locations! This spring we left one black female feral unaltered, so it wasn’t a surprise to see her kids showing up in the fall. Since they were old enough to fix, we decided to return two of them right away.They were all sweet but one, Vincent, “asked” to stay. He was always “talking” and coming up to be petted.

It worked out because we have another kitten that needs tender-loving care for a few months. And kittens don’t like to be alone.

Lucky came to us from a colony on 44th Street where we altered 23 cats and kittens. We didn’t have him long before he started having problems breathing. Our friends at All Pet Complex Veterinary Hospital made the prognosis of pneumonia. The lungs were, and are, terribly damaged. Sometimes he sounds like a Hot Rod. Lucky has been on two rounds of antibiotics and now on three more medications.

But this is the weird thing. The doctors can’t believe it when I tell them Lucky roughhouses with Vincent, and loves to eat. They say they haven’t seen lungs like this on any live cat!

It will be expensive but GCCCP will be there for this little fighter. We love you, Lucky, and are grateful to Vincent. UPDATE! Vincent and Luck were adopted together!

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