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Hillside Feral TNR starting with 3 kittens

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

UPDATE: Month later - They are growing up. GCCCP decided to establish an ongoing relationship with Simply Cats for our kittens. Simply Cats is a no-kill, no-cage adoption center. The intake fees are $150 for a litter. We will find fosters to care for the kittens until they are 2 (male) and 3 (female) pounds. Then Simply Cats takes over. They will test for decease, vaccinate, spay\neuter, chip and adopt out the kittens. As you will see over the season, TNR – trap, neuter, and return, is about kittens because, sadly, they are the reason colony feeders usually decide they want GCCCP help to fix their feral cats.

We have 4 litters out to fosters. Our 3 hillside kittens are going into Simply Cats June 11th for their intake exam! We are all so excited!

If you would like to help with our intake fees, please donate to

Simply Cats and enter GCCCP intake fees in the gift notes.

gofundme or paypal

Making contact with the caregiver for the feral cats on the expansive Garden City hillside is the answer to controlling their population. After 3 years of doing it alone the caregiver will now have support from GCCCP. We will help with cat food and TNR.

The first project is the three kittens found under the deck of the caregivers office building. At about 6 weeks they are perfect candidates for fostering until they are 2\3 pounds. Then they can be spy\neutered. While we are waiting the foster can tame them so the kittens can find homes, instead of going back to the hard life of a feral.

We found a wonderful foster parent just by asking the office staff. A mom with four kids, all of whom loved cats.

In a week the kittens went from hissing to watching tv with the family!

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