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Homes for Our Kittens!

Kelly “She's a sweet girl! She loves her bed, mice toys and running around.”

Millie was ready for a home from the moment she was trapped! She will be going home with her new owner soon!

Winky stayed with foster who now adopted two of our kittens.😉

It only took 4 hours for Candy to find a loving home!

Gretta, Gus, Rudy

We tried something different with these three. Gretta and Gus were older kittens that needed to be moved from a displaced colony, and Rudy was an adult cat that lived among a colony but was never accepted by the other ferals.

We found a farm that needed cats for their mice and promised to care for them.

Rudy’s caregiver built this beautiful shelter where they could be safe in this new environment. We all agreed that if we were cats we would be happy here.

Vincent and Luck were just adopted together by a young woman who works at PetSmart!

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