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How is the economic chaos in the housing sector affecting our animals?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Another trailer park, and all the longtime residents are being removed. This one is on 43rd Street. The cats will be spreading throughout the city.

Mai was a sweet indoor kitty. She spends hours staring at the trailer where the people left without her. She is confused, scared and unaltered. One of GCCCP’s caregivers who lived next door, called so we could spay and vet her. GCCCP found a home for her!

Nala was adopted by a young man and his girlfriend who was pressured to live with another couple that had two dogs and two cats. Nala, previously Sweetness, is a calm but sociable kitty who enjoyed people and cats. But when she was asked to live among dogs and too much activity, she responded by peeing. GCCCP was called to take Nala back.

The foster who took Nala in found out peeing wasn’t a physical habit, and the foster quickly stopped the peeing by simple training. After that, Nala melted into an adoring pet with perfect litterbox habits.

If you would be willing to give our Nala the home she so deserves, please call us. 208-562-9578

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