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How you can help IHS be a stronger resource for the community

I want to share what I discovered after working with Idaho Humane Society.

IHS is working hard to do all it can for the community, and it is doing a lot!

It is trying to serve our new, sophisticated attitudes and needs, to care for our animals in these transient times. Its success is dependent on our community’s efforts to help.

I am not as familiar with the newer, beautiful facility on Birds Street as I am the older Dorman facility, but I think it would be a pleasure to volunteer there.

GCCCP does most of its work at the Dorman shelter. It isn’t new or beautiful. It is where all the community cats are considered, and incoming animals go to be distributed. When the animals are deemed worthy of adoption, they go on to the Bird Street facility.

I know volunteers are needed at Dorman, and GCCCP hopes the same community that helped us during our desperate times will sign up to be a volunteer for Idaho Humane Society, especially at the Dorman facility.

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