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Josh and Courtney Never Gave Up

Never say never. When Courtney contacted me about Mila I wondered how I would be involved in the project any more than watching out for Mila when I trapped, or contacting the many caregivers in the area with her story and pictures. But when people around Courtney and Josh saw how much they cared and the work and time they put in to finding their cat, we all just wanted to help, even though a successful outcome seemed improbable.

So this is the story. Josh and Courtney live all the way over on Macmillan and Cloverdale. Their neighbor admitted to dumping their cat in Garden City by ANSER charter school. The neighbor even told them exactly where he let the cat out and which direction it headed. How bizarre.

Josh said that they had already put up posters on 42nd, 43rd and 44th Streets. I do a lot of door knocking in the trailer parks around Garden City and suggested I go with him with flyers in hand and start knocking on doors at the trailer parks throughout the area. He didn't even hesitate, he said he would have the flyers made up and meet me there. Josh and I went to every door. He introduced himself, saying that he was looking for his lost cat. He got to meet our Garden City people first hand and was so impressed. Everyone wanted to help. Most of them had already read his flyers posted in their parks. I was so proud to be a part of this community.

What became very clear to Josh was there were many cats in this area and many that look just like Mila.

I first heard from Courtney on March 20th. Josh and Courtney scoured those three blocks every day until Josh called me on March 28th asking for a trap. He said he had found Mila!

He was hanging more posters on 44th Street and looked across the street. There was Mila, sitting in the middle of someone's yard! He thought he was hallucinating. But he got closer and there was no doubt. It was Mila. So Mila was let out on 42nd and this was a home on 44th. The problem,one that we should all be aware of, is that after a cat is in a strange neighborhood away from their home they become frightened and disoriented. That's what happened to Mila. When Josh got closer, Mila Instinctively ran back under the house.

Josh and Courtney proceeded to sit at the entrance of the house crawl space. I brought them a trap and that’s where they sat, trying for hours to coax Mila out.

I came back to check on everyone at 9:30 pm. The owner of the house invited them in to access the trap door inside the house that led to the crawl space. Just another special person in our community!

I was home thinking warm thoughts when Josh texted at 10 p.m. and said they caught him.

Apparently, Josh grabbed him and brought him up into the room they were in. Mila went ballistic for about 5 minutes then walked over to Courtney and allowed her to put him in the carrier. CATS!

Josh and Courtney are now looking for a catio so Mila and their other cats can safely enjoy the outside.

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