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Making It Work for The Cats

Debbie Jo was out feeding and watering her colony at the Vineyard Church. A young boy, about 12 years old, came over and asked her what she was doing. He listened carefully and asked questions. He asked if she would come and help his mom.

Cindy lives on Adams Street, so when a feral momma had 4 kittens under her trailer, they were alright until their eyes were open, and they started to explore. Momma was friendly, so Cindy could handle the kittens, but she couldn’t take them inside because of space and other animals. All she had was a large carrier and a dog crate.

For 2 months, Cindy would transfer them back and forth for feeding, litterbox, bedding. She would make sure that the kittens were given plenty of time to play in a supervised area. They had baths and lots of hugs.

The kittens were old enough to be spay\neutered. GCCCP took these 4 kittens and two adults to be altered. Cindy was disappointed to learn we usually return the kittens. She was exhausted.

I was in the middle of “finishing” 6 other kittens and wasn’t about to take on 4 more…but when I heard the story about how Cindy worked to keep these kittens safe and I saw how loving and healthy they were, I knew all I had to do was put them up for adoption and they would be gone in an instant. And that’s what happened😉

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