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Midnight Momma

When a feral female is pregnant or has kittens somewhere, she usually is smarter, wilder and trickier than any of the other cats. If you can trap her at all, get ready for a challenge. That is what happened with Midnight Momma after I trapped her in March. She was the last to be caught. We knew she was pregnant but did not know how pregnant. I transferred her to a large kennel just in case she had her kittens in my care, while waiting for her appointment. That happens. She used that kennel like a trapeze, swinging from every corner. I was extra careful to check all the doors and latches. That night I had 6 other cats in kennels as well. I went to bed confident my cats were secure.

Next morning, I expected to find kittens, but what I found was a small door in Momma’s kennel I wasn’t aware of, OPEN! Mom had her kittens all over the garage. We collected them and Happy Jack Cats Kitten Rescue came to help and transport the kittens to a safer environment.

Momma was hiding in the garage for a month! We left food and water out for 9 days, but they weren’t touched. We finally opened the garage doors, mystified by her disappearance. It was over a week later we decided to put food out again, for some reason. Something ate it! We set out a motion detect camera and learned she came out of a hole under steps that went nowhere. We set a trap, even though she avoided the traps earlier. Next morning, after we had been scratching our heads for a month, she was in the trap. We are happy to say MM is spayed and has returned to her colony!

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