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Mountain States Roofing – A business with a heart.

It is so rewarding when a business we trapped with years ago calls for assistance again. We love it when we know we are in their contacts.

Zachary called and said they had a mom, dad and kittens along with others that needed TNR.

Unfortunately, the call usually comes after the kittens are born.

I love the stories. A bunch of macho guys, picking up a pallet of roofing material with the front loader and all of a sudden the most important priority of the day is the pile of kittens that miraculously lived through tons of material being shuffled around on a hot blacktop!

We were going to wait until the kittens were two pounds so they could be neutered and returned, but their eyes showed signs of upper respiratory Infections, so Zach and I scooped them up to intervene for their survival. When they were tucked in. we trapped mom and dad for TNR.

GCCCP still has these kittens after the long rehab of weening, vet visits and nursing. GCCCP will be working on Adopters for these kits.

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