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Now let’s talk about Biggara

You probably all remember Claire. She is a rescuer extraordinaire. She traps cats but tries to make sure every free-roaming cat has the chance to either find their home or be rehomed.

Biggara was different than the rest of the cats because Claire could see he had a collar but he never let her get close enough to read the tag. This is just another case that shows us all how domestic cats act like feral cats when they are disoriented and fearful. That's why we don't use the term “feral” very often. “Free-roaming cats” is a more accurate term generally.

Claire wanted to make sure that this kitty had a chance to go home if he could. She saw him late one night and, for a long time afterwards, wanted to make sure she couldn't do something more. After we trapped him, we saw he was obviously domestic and we could read the tag.

Tina, Biggara’s owner, had moved to Tennessee. She had waited two extra days waiting for Biggara to come home, but because Biggara was not neutered and this was prime mating season, he had other things on his mind. We arranged for a relative in Nampa to take him after he was neutered, until Tina could get back to collect him.

Because GCCCP didn't know if they would be rehoming Biggara, we decided to totally vet him. That includes a test for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) . Biggara was FIV positive.

The lesson here is that you may think that male cats do not need to be neutered because they don't get pregnant, but their activities and behavior will eventually affect their well-being.

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