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One thing leads to another. A new caregiver

While Josh and I were out knocking on doors, Josh mentioned that he saw an open area on 44th that he would like to go back to because there were so many cats. With all the trailer parks I've gone to on 44th, I hadn't noticed this lot. We were about to knock on Cindy's door when she pulled up. I found out that she was worried about the cats in the lot next to her. She had seen at least two litters be born and at least two pregnant cats there. She was in a perfect position to help us trap and fix these cats. Like so many other times when I told her the Garden City Community Cats Project spayed and neutered free-roaming and domestic cats for free, she was ecstatic.

GCCCP set out feeder traps in preparation for upcoming spay and neuter appointments. Some of the cats were so used to Cindy, we simply put them in carriers to be transferred to traps for their appointments. The rest enjoyed lounging in the feeder traps while we waited for more appointments. When you read this, Cindy and GCCCP will have spayed or neutered nine of her cats! We will be there for her in the future, and we will work together to minimize the number of cats in her area.

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