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Remember Tucker?

I felt so sorry for Tucker. He is such a great cat. He was a kitten when he was discovered in a box at a business and was taken in as a pet.

Later last summer GCCCP found him wandering away from home. We trapped him and fixed him. We found the owner and microchipped Tucker to the owner.

I received a call recently from the owner, who had left him when she needed to move and asked if we would try to find him. He was an inside cat and now he had been on the streets for weeks.

As these things go, I had no idea where or what I was going to find, but because of the miraculous results that follow me around with this rescue, I just wandered over to Tucker’s old trailer.

There was Tucker, sitting on top of a car! I knocked on the door and asked the man who answered if this was Tucker. Yes. Did he want Tucker? No. Can I take Tucker? YES! Tucker’s previous owner had left the carrier we gave her when we found him the first time.

I put him in the carrier, took him to IHS Dorman as an owner surrender (with the microchip, they confirmed his abandonment with the previous owner), then IHS found him a new home! All because Garden City has an IHS contract!

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