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Shenandoah Mobile Estates Rewards Efforts of Their Cats’ Caregiver!

GCCCP couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Claire. She called early in 2021 about a momma cat we couldn’t catch in 2020, and now she had 3 more kittens. You can’t pretend it’s not going to happen. The park was overrun with ferals and the residents were desperate to find a way to stop the kittens.

Claire took on all jobs and responsibilities involved with rescue. The biggest part of her work was communicating with her whole neighborhood. That is usually left up to GCCCP and is essential for the mass control of an area. She searches for colonies, ferals and domestic cats that need spay or neutering, teaches residents all parts of TNR, traps, feeds and is the main contact for everything CAT.

When the new manager of Shenandoah had an opportunity to select someone for the “Making a Difference in Our Community” award, there was no doubt it would be Claire. Claire had them make out the $500 check to Garden City Community Cats Project! What a pleasure it is to work with this dear woman.

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